End Client Video Library

What happens when a Contractor disputes your SDS Assessment?

There are minimum requirements stipulated in the off-payroll legislation that clients making assessments under the IR35 rules have to adhere to. Bernie Payne guides you through what these are and what happens when a PSC Contractor challenges your decision.

What is the best way to assess your contingent workforce for IR35?

In this video Bernie Payne weighs up the options available to businesses evaluating the IR35 status of contingent worker contracts and the reliability of HMRC's CEST tool. Plus, tips on choosing an external advisor.

Blanket assessments and determinations - why they don’t work.

Bernie Payne shows you how to manage your legal obligation to correctly conduct IR35 assessments for PSC contractors.

What is Reasonable Care?

End clients have to make Status Determination using reasonable care, but what does that mean and what happens when a determination is made which turns out to be incorrect? Who bears the liability then? Bernie Payne explains.

End Clients - Successfully Navigating IR35: Lessons from the Public Sector

What can be learnt from the Public Sector experience of dealing with the IR35 reforms? Bernie Payne considers all the issues highlighted by the introduction of the off-payroll rules in 2017 and their relevance to the private sector in 2021, including case law.