IR35 Navigator Platform

IR35 Navigator is an innovative, tech powered advisory platform
designed to help all parties in the supply chain successfully manage
the impact of IR35 reform and their compliance framework.

We keep you compliant so you can focus on growing your business.

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Once you have registered and created your login, you’ll be able to input details and upload documents related to your engagement straight away. Should you have a question or need some guidance, one of our team will be on hand to assist you. IR35 Navigator is a tech powered platform, managed by knowledgeable people able to provide support whenever required.


Our platform provides security through transparency. Each party will have access to a protected online platform where all information linking the chain can be viewed. The dashboard overview allows the user to clearly see each engagement and its current status. With all relevant documents uploaded to the IR35 Navigator platform, no document can be misplaced or inaccessible and no action can be misinterpreted.



The engagement overview details the role the client is seeking to fill, the proposed length of the initial engagement, all parties in the supply chain and where they sit within it. Documents can be uploaded here in preparation for review. Files uploaded to the IR35 Navigator platform are stored securely. Furthermore, we will conduct checks on all documents received via the platform for added peace of mind.


IR35 Navigator uses technology to record information, we do not rely on it to make the assessments as many other providers do. To comply with the reasonable care requirement documents uploaded to our site will be reviewed and assessed by a legal expert not an algorithm. Each engagement will be assessed based on multiple factors to ensure the correct decision is made. Only when we are satisfied that all aspects of the engagement have been fully considered will we notify the client of our decision.




Once accepted by the client, the final assessment will be distributed across the supply chain and securely recorded using blockchain technology. This ensures that each decision, and its supporting documentation will be captured and time stamped providing irrefutable evidence to HMRC of how each and every status decision has been reached.