Navigating Recruiters

Whether new to the Contracting Sector or looking to build your business and investor appeal, IR35 Navigator is the asset you need to help achieve your business goals.

Our aim is to build you a solid reputation in IR35 management with the very best contractors and the clients seeking to hire them.

Let us help you gain a competitive edge in the market compliantly, confidently and responsibly so your agency can thrive even in the most challenging of times.

IR35 Navigator - Recruiters

With IR35 Navigator’s support you can:

Manage compliance risk

IR35 Navigator enters the supply chain to transparently manage compliance, contracts and IR35 assessments, which is managed exclusively by our Legal team. This offers you peace of mind, whilst allowing you to focus on winning new clients.

Provide legal expertise

Our legal experts will work with you and the client to determine whether the role the client wants to fill falls inside or outside IR35. Some companies offer IR35 assessments via an algorithm. IR35 Navigator assesses each contract against working practices by a qualified lawyer. Every aspect of the contract will receive full consideration before a decision is made, ensuring the legal requirement of ‘reasonable care’ is met.

Protect your reputation

The accumulative effect of the above means your reputation is safeguarded. Through IR35 Navigator this protection is afforded to your whole supply chain.

Transparency via the platform

Each step of the hiring process, including all documentation, will be securely recorded and visible to all relevant parties on the IR35 Navigator Platform and verified using blockchain technology. This way you can be sure that clear evidence of reasonable care can be put before HMRC should the need arise.

Removal of conflict

There may be instances where agreeing the status of a contract proves problematic. IR35 Navigator removes any potential IR35 conflicts between the agency and client by supplying a thorough, independent contract review, revisiting each assessment every three months to re-evaluate compliance.

Additional support

We will provide you with bespoke IR35 training and BD support at your request.

Retain and grow contractor talent

The provision of a compliant framework means you can confidently retain contractors on your books and attract the best talent as a result. Highly skilled contractors will be drawn to agencies prepared to offer outside IR35 work. As word spreads, your talent pool will grow.

Meet the needs of your clients

Client which require the best talent will also gravitate to your agency if you are where that talent can be found. The higher the calibre and greater the number of the contractors on your books the better you will be able to fulfil their requirements. With the support of IR35 Navigator, you will find yourself in a much stronger position when pitching to new clients seeking solutions to IR35.