Think Tank Roundtables for 2021

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The following IR35 Navigator round tables are still available to book! If you work in recruitment with a focus on the freelancer market then these roundtable events are absolutely for you. We are covering a wide-range of topics from IR35 implementation,  strengthening recruiters’ position in the supply chain, placing contractors abroad and the effect of Brexit.

Sessions are held weekly on Thursday mornings at 9:30am until 10:30am. Why don’t you join us! Just click through the session title links below to register.

IR35 and the supply chain

Feb 18

Looking ahead to later on in February we have a discussion on the upcoming IR35 changes and what the supply chain needs to do now.

This session will start with an industry expert Q&A to discuss its impact on the economy and how it can be used to your advantage.

Feeling ignored by the press?

Feb 25

This roundtable centres on contractors talking directly to clients or the other way round and how you can reinsert yourself into these conversations.

Neither clients or freelance workers are IR35 experts.

Could better knowledge of IR35 and the ability to provide clear, transparent management of the supply chain relationships and related IR35 issues be key to staying relevant?

Placing contingent workers post-Brexit

Mar 4

Following the UK’s departure from the EU we explore significant changes or opportunities for recruiters to exploit. What effect will IR35 have on how freelancers are recruited?

Our experts will discuss the factors you need to consider when the client is based abroad but the perfect contractor on your books is based in the UK.

Retrospective Budget review

Mar 11

This roundtable takes an overview of the plans set out in this year’s Budget published on Wednesday 3rd March. Rishi Sunak will set out the next phase of the financial plan to tackle the virus and how it aims to protect jobs and provide support.

What are your feelings about the recent announcements? What will they mean for what they mean for your clients, contractors and for your sector?

SOW contracts – how relevant are they?

Mar 18

In this session we will discuss the different types of contract available when hiring a contingent worker and why the Statement of Work is gaining traction. Are more contractors and clients looking to moving over to this model? What are the benefits in doing this and what are its limitations?

Are working practices are changing?

Mar 25

A collaborative discussion on the impact of the pandemic and how it is and will continue to affect the way we work. Is what we’ve always known forever changed due to Covid-19?

How has this impacted the Contracting Sector and their relationship with recruiters? With employees furloughed and remote and hybrid working on the rise, are more workers considering switching to contractual work because they see it as more lucrative and more flexible?

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